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Patio Blinds Cape Town - Why should I have patio blinds installed?

Patio blinds can allow a home owner to enlarge their living space. By installing blinds, the patio area can be used as another social area within the home. During the summer they provide protection from the sun, where during winter times the blinds offer protection from the wind and rain. With patio blinds you can now always enjoy your patio, braai area or lapa - every day of the year! Feel free to contact Patio Blinds Cape Town for any enquiries.

Patio Blinds Cape Town - Types of patio blinds:

You can choose between a large variety of blinds to specifically suit your braai area, lapa or patio:

Awnings - overhanging coverings; attached to the outside wall. These can be retracted, such as during hot summer weather, to provide shade. For winter times the awnings can be completely extended to offer full protection from rainy and windy weather conditions.

Outdoor blinds - a range of venetian, vertical or roller blinds. The height can be adjusted with the use of a cord. When closed, these can provide more privacy than awnings with see-through plastic.

Patio Blinds Cape Town - Product benefits:
  • High quality products that are durable
  • Offers protection from weather conditions
  • Creates a functional outdoor space
  • Helps protect outdoor furniture
  • Enjoy all the benefits of nature, and yet socialise within a secure area